Inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s compelling short story, ‘They’ portrays how a magical house and its ghostly occupants inspire a modern couple to come to terms with the tragic death of their young son.

Filming starts 2019 in England.

Background notes

The genius of Kipling’s original story is that it blends a slowly unfolding weight of sorrow and the unsettling atmosphere of the supernatural with the lush beauty of its rural setting and the apparent joyfulness of the children’s ghostly presences. Folding this into Julia and Edward’s modern day story creates an intersecting arc that will lead the viewer through a maelstrom of conflicting feelings and leave them contemplating thoughts far beyond the reaches of their souls.

‘They’ is an Apex Media Films/Infinity production.

Filming starts 2019

Written by: Amy Alexander and William Campbell

Produced by: William Campbell and Adrian Munsey

Music by Adrian Munsey

Casting: Kate Plantin CDG

An Apex Media/Infinity Film production

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